Cam to cam sex talk.

Cam to cam sex talk. Ray pulled to his hook, which not so long ago hung their “slave” and tied to him stretched fishing line, stretching through the ring in the floor to the “crocodile” on the tortured whore clit.
If Natalya could see this, perhaps she would faint.
But the pose given to her did not give this opportunity.
And she saw only the excitedly focused faces of Ron and Karl, who had missed the wires running from the special clamps on her nipples to the generator, over the block and pulled them up, causing the woman’s breasts to stretch upwards.
While Catherine screamed, drooling from the new terrible pain, they secured tightly tied wires and began to strongly tighten her breasts at the base with ropes.
A naked woman crucified by men in such a form could not even scream, and when Ron and Karl finished their work, watching her heavily tightened breasts swell, their female only continuously moaned, rolling her eyes in pain.

But she still saw Ray show her ammonia and through the noise in her head she heard the voice of the boss, who told her that now she would have to sweat so that she could bring them pleasure with her appearance and torment.
But at the same time, if she thinks of losing consciousness – they will easily return her to her, in order to continue to enjoy it.
Having reported all this to his impudent “slave”, the boss unexpectedly inserted a large plastic funnel into her wide-open mouth, causing the “muddy” pain and heard Catherine to involuntarily cough, as the funnel tube was immersed in her throat.
While the victim coughed, trying to lift the funnel out of his throat with his tongue, the men surrounded the immobilized naked woman on the side of their charms exposed by them, leaving room for the boss.
He brought a low stool, sat down directly opposite the crotch of a woman opened for him and picked up the remote control from the generator.

He did not see her eyes full of horror.
He looked only at her dark-red breasts extended upwards and the “offered” to him by a whore a smooth womb like a girl’s.
The fun lasted for about half an hour with breaks for the electrode from the anus giving the presentation of the woman to the vagina.
Five times the boss with annoyance was forced to interrupt the work of the generator, as her “performance” in front of them ended.
Then, with the help of salvage, Karl brought the “actress” back to consciousness and, barely regaining consciousness, she had to “solo” one actor again in this hellish theater.
The spectacle was fascinating! A naked immobilized woman squirmed, as far as she was allowed by the drawn clit and nipples, in front of four men, at her own discretion, by directing her to receive pleasant or painful sensations.
Or a mixture of them.
First, the boss did not give her the opportunity to finish.

When he felt that the torment, which was not so painful for her, brought the female to orgasm, he gave her a wave of intense pain, and some time later, he began to bring her back to orgasm.
Before it was jointly decided to force the female to stop continuously for about twenty minutes, Ray and Ron were also able to empty their bladders.
They stood over her on the table and together began to urinate into the funnel, which still stuck out of her throat.
And while Natasha thus “rested” from electricity, choking and not choking only at the cost of convulsive swallowing of very large portions of urine of both men, the boss told Karl to relocate the electrode to her anus again and to substitute the bowl under her open vagina, since the naked woman was already strongly flowed.
Cam to cam sex talk.