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there a shameless finger began to touch the most secret and sensitive place of a woman.
From such an unexpected turn, shame and confusion grew to such an extent that she could not make a single sound, even if she had been released her mouth.
He entered and raised her in his arms and, knocking on objects that were invisible in the dark, carried him to the sofa.
For a moment, her mouth was free, but instead of screaming there was something gurgling.
Immediately she felt something start to enter her.

She wanted to shout “Stop !!!” , but did not have time – something happened that should never have happened.
Her son entered her.
This thought plunged her into such a stupor that she could not only move or, at least, moan, but even desire something.
She returned home when, in her opinion, the son was washed in the shower.
A bewildered mother was sitting in the kitchen when a vigorous son, wiping her head while she was walking, asked her: – Did you leave somewhere? – Yes, I went to Svetlana Petrovna for a candle – they turned off the light again. Bbw webcam xvideos. Webcam show live.