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I moved my free hand up and plunged two fingers into her pussy again.
I began to rub the bottom wall of her pussy, matching the speed and motion of my tongue in her ass.
Pressing harder on her clit, I sent her over the edge, as wave after wave of ecstasy pulsed through her body. Bobco and handjob.
Wrapped up in sweat’s moist blanket my naked body lies atop the table.
Bound tight, an ornament, a trinket, my lips are gagged and incommunicable.
Soft fingers touch me like a feather and stir wet heat between my naked thighs. Black gooey pussy.
Then splat! The burning touch of leather.
I jerk and whimper and my breathing flies.
Drool trickles down my cheeks and chin, shame makes my body burn and flush.
You see it, dip your finger in, and grin.
A tremor shakes me, born from wanton rush. Post dating b l.
Another sting.
Blow after blow, I arch to meet the loving, cruel caresses.
And try my hardest not to show the pleasure that my dripping loin confesses.
Touches, stings, my mind goes crazy.
I writhe and sob, plead desperately for more.

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My heart explodes with joy and things get hazy.
Lust waves smash me hard against the shore.
Then, wrapped in sweat’s moist blanket, my trembling body lies atop the table.
All spent and wonderfully spanked I feel fulfilled, but still insatiable. Real black on white sex.
Sadie’s three inch heels clacked smartly on the flagstone floor as she sashayed up to the reception desk of the high class hotel come spa.
She was dressed to the nines in a slim fitting dress, killer underwear with stockings and of course the heels to die for. Dating justin timberlake.
Fellow wedding guests milled about and she nodded her hellos to those she recognized and smiled at those she didn’t as she checked in.
All checked in, she requested that her bag be taken to her room whilst she went to the bar, although only an hours drive it had been fraught with frustration due to the mid summer revelers clogging up Stonehenge as they did every summer solstice, she was in dire need of a vodka and tonic.

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Stirring her drink idly after the first huge slug she settled in a bar stool scanning the room and people watching.
All the guests were gathering now, mainly couples and she felt a pang of sadness.
She had asked Mike if he was busy and of course he had to work. Chubbys gentlemens club.
Although they had been talking and texting frequently since their first chance meeting in the woods, due to work and social commitments they hadn’t actually seen one another since.
Mike was cursing under his breath and trying to stay professional as for the umpteenth time the cute little red headed five year old bridesmaid had a temper tantrum and was now being coaxed out from under the grand piano by the mother of the bride.

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