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I couldn’t let him put his dick in me just the thought of it made me gag especially if he came inside me, YUCK!! He kept asking and getting closer and my friend was still telling me to let him.
This went on for another 10 minutes or so and then I finally let him touch me so I can go back to what I was doing and he can leave me alone so I can cum in peace. Hot star free pics.
He reached out with his hand, I could tell her was nervous because his hand was shaking the entire time.
His hand was coming closer, I felt myself wanting him to touch me.
He ran his finger over my clit and oh my god it felt so good for someone else to touch me. Asian men hollywood.
He asked if he could fuck me but I told him no even though my body ached to feel his cock inside me but I didn’t want a cock in my pussy.
I told my friend how it felt and she couldn’t believe I let him touch me. Tranny cum swollowing.
I explained how good it felt and I was seriously thinking about letting him fuck my ass.
He went back to jerking off right next to me.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I wanted him to fuck my ass.
I pushed the dildo out using my muscles and stood and bent over with my arms resting on my desk and told him “you can fuck me, brother but only if its in my ass. Nude women lee maine.
If your dick goes anywhere near my pussy it will be the last time ever.
” He agreed and stood behind me.
I felt the head of his dick push against my ass a little bit and felt how hot it was.
I pushed back onto his dick a bit to let him know I’m ready. Assdumper drunk milf gets anal fucked.
He slowly pushed inside my ass.
Once he was all the way, in he fixed up his footing and slowly pulled out.
Just before his dick came all the way out, he pushed back in.
He slowly started going faster and faster and it felt so good that I could feel my first orgasm coming up quickly. Hot lesbian sex on youtube.
He kept fucking me harder and harder.
My orgasm was just around the corner.
Another thrust or 2 and that would be it.
“I’m cumming brother, I’m cumming fuck me harder,” I screamed in pleasure, “that felt so good.
” He kept thrusting harder and faster.

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I reached another mind blowing orgasm squirting my pussy juices all over my thighs, legs and feet.
“Ready sis, I’m just about to cum,” he said.
Right then he blew his load in my ass filling me up completely. Free amatuer nudes from pamplona.
He was still cumming after 30 seconds, filling me up more and more.
When he finally stopped cumming he pulled out and I grabbed my empty glass off the desk so I can see how much he fired off into me.
He filled the glass up a quarter of the way. Las vegas strip show times.
To my surprise, he was still hard and wanted to fuck me again.
My friend told me to let him fuck my pussy, that it will feel even better.

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