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Amateur webcam dance. It was not difficult for a representative of her “profession” to make such a conclusion.
But it looks like a girl such a situation only fun.
She finished her beer, rose from her chair, and beckoned Sergei.
He, as if at the wish of a trainer, stood in front of her and again turned his eyes to her chest, which shone through thin matter.
He no longer looked shyly like ten minutes ago, but frankly stared at her delicious female forms.
- So you will watch? Maybe you will touch? I allow.

Alina moved closer to Sergey and undid the top button on her blouse.
His right hand somehow dived under her clothes and felt soft, but elastic flesh.
The feeling that he felt at the same time did not respond to the description.
A beautiful, young girl allowed him to touch himself, to feel what he was trying to imagine, watching pornographic films or reading erotic stories.

The hand trembled, transmitting small vibrations to the whole body, and the brain still refused to believe in what was happening.
- Is your left hand paralyzed? – Alina giggled and unbuttoned the rest of the buttons, so that the guy would be more comfortable to stroke her with both hands.
- Like this.
now gently lead them with your palms and fingers.
like? Sergey was unable to utter a word and only made a slight nod.
The girl, in turn, began to stroke through his sweatpants, a treacherously bulging member.
At first, Sergei jerked a little from her touch, but the passion was already so strong that he did not want to retreat, and he completely surrendered to Alina’s power.
- Well done, now play with the papillae.
Thumbs lay on the pink bumps and began to stroke them, from which they immediately swelled and hardened.

The girl began to moan softly, and her hand penetrated under the elastic of his underpants and began to gently pass the “manhood” between her fingers.
Sergey rolled his eyes from pleasure.
He wanted to bend down and kiss her nipples, but he was afraid that she would let go of his dick.
Her movements were getting stronger and faster.
She no longer just caressed a dick, but literally put it on her cam.
“Remember them more strongly,” Alina asked and Sergey obediently began to knead her breasts, trying not to hurt the girl, but she seemed to like that attitude.
- Alyn.
Amateur webcam dance.