How to make a video using webcam.

How to make a video using webcam. At home, having had dinner, putting the children to bed, I pounced on my wife, and violently took possession of her, drawing pictures from my memory, pictures that seemed to be in a kaleidoscope, consisted of images of two Marinas.
After the first call, I did not calm down.
The second time I stirred up a quiet silt of memories, and from the bottom of my memory those fantasies that I had during my youthful hypersexuality, in which Marina appeared, surfaced to the surface.
I was tireless.
Even the second orgasm did not reassure me.
Only the question of the spouse about my adequacy made me leave her body alone.

I barely fell asleep, only the fatigue of a rather long trip made me disconnect.
The first working days were spent in convulsive and delusional thoughts.
The brain was flooded with various plans for the possession of Marina, from the banal “become my young mistress” to penetration into the hostel under cover of night, with a roomy bag, and a continuation of the banquet in some soundproof basement. Record video on pc webcam. How to make a video using webcam.