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Webcam archiver cam4. Natalya Valentinovna was also 38 years old.
She was tall and pretty blonde, with a big ass and with a little saggy breasts of the third size, but still very nothing.
The boss loves to rumple and suck her tits.
When she was younger, they often had sex, but the farther, the less often and she really lacked the attention of the boss.
Together they began their careers and knew each other well.
Sergey Vladimirovich turned away from her lips and reached under her skirt with one hand, from which Natalya Valentinovna began to shine.

- Sunny, you just do not drink more today.
Said the boss, caressing her.
- Of course, Seryozha.
She smiled, Natalia Valentinovna.
- In half an hour I will go to my office, a little later Natasha will go there.
And you see what time it is and come exactly in an hour.
I got it? – Yes, my boss.
Faster would have flown this hour.
I have not fucked for 2 weeks.
Coquetry and beamed like a girl Natalia Valentinovna.
- Only you have in mind that today you will not lift the skirt with her, do not shock her.

Today you will be enough to suck her tits and lick her pussy.
And when we do it, I’ll take care of your ass, Natalia.
- Mmmm.
Pouting sponge Natalya Valentinovna.
- Well, how are you little? You will get to know Natasha closer and a little later, I will allow you to lift up her skirt and everything else to be done.
Agreed? – Well, Seryozh.
But you please don’t leave with her.
You promised to spend it and stay with me.
- Of course my girl.
Said the boss and pulled his hand out from under the skirt, Natalia Valentinovna.
He kissed her once again in a hickey, having crushed her tits in passing, and went back to his colleagues.
To be continued.
Mitya Vdulin.
One time I worked as a security guard.
My duties included: personal security of the chief, and, accordingly, partial control of the office.
Mila was the secretary of the chef – a slim blonde with big tits, which she always emphasized with the help of clothes.
She went to work without panties, but always in stockings – so it was easier for the boss to fuck her.

And this happened all the time.
My workplace was not far from her secretarial.
All day I, as a rule, was not busy and could watch her.
When she was leaning, I could see her pussy – she always wore slit skirts, stockings and high heels.
The breasts were always so covered with a blouse with a deep neckline that dark nipple circles were visible.
I had a constant erection.
Especially when I saw her tits and pussy and then when the boss called and called her to him and I heard her screams.
Judging by her screams, he fucked her brutally.
Once, when the door was ajar, I saw her standing with cancer at the table in some stockings, bending, taking in a huge cock of the boss and moaning wildly.
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