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And then he said: “Tomorrow we will prepare her to take a picture, only after the last couple, we will stay in the class together, so that he will not twitch anywhere, understand?” I, of course, shook my head! Looking at the class schedule, I saw that for tomorrow the last couple was just led by Valentine, his mommy !! I spent the whole day on pins and needles, I could not even guess what Leshka was going to take a picture of? And I was looking forward to the last couple! Here, finally, she came to an end! The bell rang, everyone jumped up and rushed out of the classroom! Leshka and I continued to sit at the penultimate desk, as if the lesson was not over yet! When the door slammed shut behind the last student, Valentina Sergeyevna, as if nothing had happened, began to collect her bag at the teaching desk, without even paying attention to us! But when she was about to leave the class when she saw us sitting at her desk, she left her bag on the teacher’s desk and walked over to Leshka! – Why are you young people not in a hurry to go home? Perhaps you have questions for me? Then Leshka, lounging in a chair, seemed to me cheekily with a mocking smile, said: – Mom, I told Vovka everything about our friendly family.
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