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Free webcam girls. I climbed onto the table with a smile, lay down and took a few rather depraved poses.
Chef already opened his mouth.
It became hot in the lower abdomen, as my open pussy was literally a few centimeters from the man’s face.
If he wanted me now, I would not refuse him.
But he decided a little differently: Take my cigar, – he handed me a smoking cylinder, – Insert one end into your hole and wet it with your juices.
Gourmets say it adds refinement to the taste of cigars.

Well, since the man wants.
I took a cigar from his hands and gently inserted one end into myself.
Lubrication was already enough, and a rough cylinder easily penetrated into me.
I wet it in my grease, I handed the cigar to the chef and he drew in with pleasure.
There was pleasure on his face.
Thank you so much, Lena.
Get dressed and go home.
I also dressed in pictures, as well as undressing.
Spit in front of a man, not rarely turning to him his loin.
The chef was sitting in his chair and quite smiling.

The next day was normal, like all the following.
I even got the impression that everything that happened was just a dream.
It took about two weeks, when the chef called me into the office and asked: Lenochka, may I ask you to take off your panties and walk like this all day? Of course, Gennady Stepanovich.
You want to take them for yourself or for me to keep them.
Let me better, in the evening I will return them to you.
In the eyes of the chef, I pulled up my skirt and took off her panties.
At the very end of the process, I turned back to the boss and leaned almost to the floor (the benefit of stretching allowed).
I felt the gaze of a man with my buttocks.
Having straightened my skirt, I threw my panties on the chef’s table.
He smiled, brought them to his nose, took a deep breath, and hid the underpants in the breast pocket of his jacket.
Great, and now I would like to see the transaction documents.
His abrupt transition discouraged me a little and I flew to my place to collect documents.

All day he called me over all sorts of trifles, and I realized that he was a little worried about the fact that I was running towards him, completely unprotected from below.
The people in the reception were, but my table was closed, so the lack of underwear did not cause me any inconvenience.
In the evening, the chef himself put panties on me and even lightly slapped her ass.
The next day he asked me to take off not only panties, but also a bra.
As a result, he asked me not to wear these parts of the toilet during the whole working day and beyond.
I was not against it, so in the future (and even now) I defile around the office only in a skirt, shirt and jacket.
No one notices this, but the boss is pleased.
Sometimes, when clarification on the document is required, I stand next to his chair on the side.
Leaning to the table, I clarify, and the chef sometimes throws his gaze at the collar of the shirt and admires my breasts, pulling down the shirt (at such moments I take off my jacket).

Recently, he began to stroke my legs, climbing to the very top.
His fingers reach the edge of the stockings, caress the skin at the border of the gum and move up a bit, but at the very last moment they stop and move back.
Once I asked him why he didn’t get his fingers to my crotch, to which he explained laughing: Erotica, this is a balance on the edge of what is permitted.
To touch your fingers for pussy – it would have been vulgar and vulgar.
And so there is always a moment of understatement.
After all, I do not know for sure whether you put on panties today or not.
Naturally cowards on me during menstruation.
We even agreed with the chief that if I have a white handkerchief in my breast pocket, then everything is fine, if any other means that I have critical days and I can’t touch me.
So a few months have passed.
The chef made no attempt to bring our relationship closer, and I was pleased with the situation and the increase in my salary.
Gradually, I even got used to run at work without underwear and waited for closer communication to begin.

Once, on one of the rainy evenings, Gennady Stepanovich lingered at work until late, and I, as his secretary, naturally sat and waited.
According to the selector, he called me to him.
As soon as I entered, he said: Lena, please lock the door and come to me.
I did what he asked, feeling that something would be right now.
The chief was sitting in his chair and smoking.
Helen, I feel uncomfortable asking you, but give me a blowjob.
Very much eggs hurt.
Without fail, Gennady Stepanovich.
But first undress.
I love to see a naked woman.
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