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Https fr chaturbate com female cams. The servants of the pirate captain washed her and gave her clean clothes.
True, the size was somewhat small, and now her breasts are strongly bristled under the dress, showing a deep cleavage.
And in general, the dress was too frank for a decent senorita.
However, the girls explained that they don’t have another, and it’s better not to arouse the owner’s anger.
The fact that the manners are harsh here, Amanda already understood, so she disguised herself in this red fitting dress without a dispute.

The captain entered almost silently, and the girl was busy with what was happening on the street, so the man managed to see her pitch black hair spilled on the back, the chiseled neck, the pitted third-size chest, the elastic round ass, slender legs.
Sensing a glance, the girl turned around and their eyes met.
In Spain, the girl endured the views of many men, even very strong and influential.
But here she did not last ten seconds.
Pirate looked arrogantly and defiantly, not at all embarrassed.
His hair was tied back, and his powerful hands on his lower back showed absolute confidence.

Wide shoulders, a narrow basin, strong legs, a big chin exposed forward – he could have been an excellent officer if he had not been a pirate.
When Amanda, blushing shyly, looked away, the captain took off his boots and walked barefoot towards a hot water tub filled with girls for his arrival.
He threw off his sword belt with a back sheath for the sword, pulled his torn shirt through his back.
He didn’t even look at Amanda, not feeling embarrassed to undress in front of her.
Then the captain took off his pants and climbed into the tub.
Amanda watched it all in amazement, but at the same time she was interested.
- Listen, captain! I’m still here! “Does this have to tell me something?” – Captain, I understand that the order in your town is very original.
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