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Webcam sex oral. With difficulty rose.
Max sat Irina in a special chair.
To the armrests chained hands.
To legs legs.
- Do you like pain? He asked, looking into her eyes.
Irina bit her lip.

“I liked being smacked,” she said.
- Everything has its time.
Max brought clamps.
Wore one of them on the left nipple of a woman.
She screamed.
- Close your mouth? – Not.
The nipple was sick, but Irina suffered.
Max hitched a clip to the second nipple.
Then dropped below.
The woman felt the clips on her lips.
How it hurt! Max went away.
Irina wanted to remove the clamps, stop the pain.
But she could not move.
The man returned with a large electric vibrator.
Fixed it between the legs of Irina and turned it on.
The woman groaned.
What is she doing today? She is at the mercy of the car again.
Max just stands and looks, and she flows.

And he will finish again soon.
Despite the pain, in spite of the fact that it had finished quite a bit today.
Animal, toy people.
But she herself wanted it.
And she is happy !!! Soon she came.
Max freed her from the chair.
“You can drink,” he pointed to a bowl in the corner.
Irina crawled with difficulty and began to drink greedily.
A toy.
He doesn’t even take it.
They take her car.
Maybe for him she is no longer a woman? Irina smiled.
She wanted to think so.
And then she was flogged.
Tied to a cross.
Flogged not to the blood, but strongly.
Irina screamed.
She enjoyed everything.
Animal! SLAVE !!! How she wanted to never take off her collar.
After whipping, Irina wanted to write.
She did it in the corner in a bucket.
Max gave the cow some rest.
And again fixed on the bench.

This time he took it with the car.
Max took anally, the car moved into the woman’s vagina.
Irina has not tried double penetration for a long time.
She smiled.
Max still took it.
Let with the car.
And let only anally.
The main thing is that he took it.
Max finished her ass.
After all, Irina could not speak and stand on her feet.
I just wanted to lie down and not think about anything.
The man smeared the cream on the back of a woman.
“They told me not to smack you much,” he said.
Irina smiled.
She is a toy of Serge.
Even now with Max.
- It’s time to milk – said the man.
Irina did not have the strength.
She got up on all fours with difficulty.
Max led her to a special machine.
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